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The Merrco Solution

Merrco helps businesses thrive by bringing seamless, secure payment solutions to the market and making payments smarter, simpler every step of the way.

Whether you sell in-store or online, we have the right payment processing solution for you including retail (card present), ecommerce (card not present), click and collect, virtual terminal, mobile, recurring, gift card, and multi-currency offerings.


The Merrco platform processes all major domestic and international credit, debit and prepaid card brands, including:

What Our Customers Say

the hunny pot

“To throw a shout out to Merrco – We couldn’t imagine having to move to Click and Collect curbside pickup and delivery with any other payment processor. Imagine calling your 1-800 number at 4:59PM on a Thursday, getting one of their team members, and saying to them, “Hey, I need to take online payments really quickly,” and to get that done by Friday. That just wouldn’t happen anywhere else.

Merrco, whether they’re dealing with the retailers or whether they’re dealing with the partners, they went above and beyond to get online payment available for us – They are there all times of the day. Answering their personal phones at home, making sure that we’re going to able to operate the next day.

Cameron Brown – Communications Officer, The Hunny Pot

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The Green Organic Dutchman Logo


The Green Organic Dutchman

The Pot Shack Logo

Making the Cash Flow King at the Pot Shack

As the general manager of the Pot Shack in Saskatoon, Geoff Conn’s main job is to ensure the new retail location and the e-commerce website of the Saskatchewan cannabis retailer both “run as awesomely as possible.”

With its large selection of dry flower products, pre-rolls, CBD choices, oils and tinctures, edibles and accessories, The Pot Shack does a lot of business, so having quick access to funds is important to the enterprise. In preparing for opening its retail shop on “Legalization Day,” October 17, 2018, Conn considered a couple of payment provider possibilities but decided “we liked Merrco best,” for how it handled money and the ease of use of its payment solutions.

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Kevin Trethowan, The Niagara Herbalist


Trevor Bamsey, The Rocky Mountain Collective


Sheilagh Dohie, Garden Variety


"From accepting online sales orders to simplifying the complex world of cannabis payments in a regulated industry, the Merrco team delivers outstanding service, industry knowledge, competitive rates and they handled everything for us so we could focus on our core business".

Stephen Teal, Director of Sales, Ample Organics

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Ample Organics

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