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Online sales made simple, safe and secure.

Best-in-class onboarding for highly regulated industries.

Our payment solutions enable you to provide your customers with a safe and easy way to make purchases online.

PayHQ: Offering you many ways to get paid using a single platform.

PayHQ is a robust end-to-end payment acceptance solution that handles authorization, settlement and funding.

PayHQ makes it simple to accept any kind of payment (in person or online), any way you want to do business, while creating a single view of all your payment information so that you can make smarter decisions.

It’s important that your POS integrates to your payments.

Merrco is partnered with these leading POS solution providers:

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Don’t compromise on security.

Ongoing compliance with PCI DSS is critical to maintaining a strong defense against compromises of cardholder data. Merrco is PCI DSS-compliant, so your customers’ sensitive information is safely stored, reducing the risk of compromised payment data.

Accept all major payment types.

The Merrco platform processes all major domestic and international credit, debit and prepaid card brands, including:


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