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Start adding a checkout fee
to your debit transactions

Generate revenue on every Interac® debit transaction with our new cost-saving surcharging solution.

Your store is most likely generating higher volumes of Interac debit transactions than any other type of transactions, including credit cards or cash. Start monetizing this consumer behaviour by adding a debit checkout fee to your customers’ orders.

What are the benefits?

Fast and effortless.

Debit surcharging can be enabled in 48 hours
with no tech development necessary.


Reduced business expenses.

Recoup the costs of accepting card payments.


Generate additional revenue.


Tap into your existing debit card transaction volume.


Flexibility and no long-term commitment.


The surcharge decision can be reversed at any time.




Transaction breakdown is clearly displayed, and customers can always opt-out.


Easy Reporting.

Track and Monitor any new payments trends
with our easy-to-use reporting portal.

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Interested in debit surcharging for your business? Contact us today.

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