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Securing financing for your Canadian cannabis business has never been easier.

What could you do with an extra $5,000? What about an extra $500,000?

Our payment solutions enable you to provide your customers with a safe and easy way to make purchases online.

Many businesses like yours have expressed to us how difficult it can be to secure capital – a necessity to building out your future vision. We can help!


If your business is experiencing strong performance and expansion, Merrco’s partner Merchant Growth, which has funded numerous retailers in the cannabis sector, offers you the opportunity to grow your business through their convenient and accessible financing program.


Whether you’re looking to expand, make inventory changes, purchase equipment or anything else, financing from Merchant Growth can help you get there.

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Learn more and get funds for your business in 24 hours or less

Making payments easy.

Offering lending in the cannabis sector, Merchant Growth provides you an option between:

Fixed Payment Options

Receive an advance on your total revenue and pay back through a fixed daily or weekly payment.

Line of Credit

Receive a revolving credit facility and pay interest on what you use only.

Attainable eligibility requirements for cannabis retailers.

Merrco is partnered with these leading POS solution providers in the industry. This means your business has one less thing to worry about.

$10,000 monthly revenue

6 months in business

Canadian business


Want to learn more about Merrco offerings for your business?

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