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Merrco has everything you need for your business.

You work to support businesses in the cannabis space, and we are here to support you.

Merrco has the solution suite to support businesses of all types in the industry. 


Our payments solutions are fast, easy and secure methods to take payments from your customers. Whether someone wants to pay for your products or solutions by major credit or debit card or a digital wallet like Apple Pay, you can cater to them with the solution that they find most convenient.

Make payments easy for your customers.

Merrco offers businesses a powerful end-to-end payment platform that handles transaction authorization, settlement and funding. With PayHQ, payment acceptance can be enabled:

All available through Merrco’s cloud-based, PCI DSS-compliant solution that stores all transaction data in one place and offers businesses real-time reporting with valuable data and insights.

Diverse solutions for varied needs.

Merrco has everything you need in one please, including:

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Move money from bank account to bank account quickly for vendor or client payments.

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Merchant Financing

Quickly and easily apply for financing for your cannabis business.

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In-Store Payments

Traditional terminals for modern businesses.

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Across town or across the country, securely accept payments online.

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Looking for the right solution for your CBD business? Contact us today.

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