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Strengthen customer loyalty and increase revenue with gift cards.

Merrco’s Gift Card Solution

Design and sell your own custom-branded gift cards to give your business and your customers the added value of reloadable gift cards for any occasion.

We’ve partnered with DataCandy to provide you with a robust, secure and simple gift card solution. Easily swipe or scan a customer’s gift card and integrate to your point-of-sale, card terminal and mobile ordering terminals.

What are the benefits?

Paying Customer

Attract new customers.

Gift cards will get new customers through your door, so you can convert them into loyal repeat business.

Happy Customer

Increase sales.

The average customer spends more than the amount on their gift card, meaning higher basket sizes and revenue for your business.

Designers Looking at the Computer

Build brand awareness.

Gift cards serve as “mini-billboards” for your cannabis business, with branding images and messages.

Time to Pay

Get paid upfront.

In a business where cash flow is important, gift cards get you paid in full, upfront.

Image by Blake Wisz

Boost slow periods.

Typically given during the holidays and special occasions, gift cards are often used during traditional retail slow periods.


Looking for the right solution for your business? Contact us today.

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