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Standard, but never boring.

Traditional terminals for modern businesses.

Accept payments using chip and PIN, tap, mobile wallets and gift cards.



The PAX series S and D terminals provide advanced countertop processing solutions that combine ease of use, durability and high performance with wired, Bluetooth, 3G wireless terminals.

PAX A920

PAX A920

The PAX A920 tablet mobile terminal is a sleek and compact payment device powered by the Android operating platform that boasts a stylish design, intuitive interface, convenience and portability.

The A920 supports NFC contactless, electronic signature capture and has a large memory to enable exceptionally fast processing of applications. Behind the 5-inch, high-definition colour touch screen hides a thermal printer to maximize screen usage for customer-facing transactions and high-capacity battery.

PAX S920

The PAX S920 is a compact mobile point-of-sale terminal packed with the latest PCI security and payment industry certifications. Featuring a high-definition touchscreen and a back-lit keypad, the S920 has a superior battery life, faster transaction times powered by a high-tech processor, larger memory capacity and embedded contactless and NFC technology.


Everything you need is available on our traditional terminals.

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Want to learn more about which Merrco solution is right for you? Reach out to us.

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