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Don’t miss out on sales: Make sure you’re enabled for delivery!

Want to offer seamless, hassle-free cannabis delivery to your customers? Merrco has the best of the best partners in the industry to ensure you don’t miss a beat with this service, and we’ve got some helpful tips to get your cannabis delivery services off to a great start.


The pandemic pushed retail ecommerce revenue in Canada sharply upwards, growing by 16% YOY to reach nearly $30B USD. Nearly half of all Canadians are making more ecommerce purchases than they did before the pandemic, and there’s no evidence that this is going to change anytime soon: current forecasts suggest that retail ecommerce revenue in Canada could exceed $40B USD by 2025.

When you’re setting up your ecommerce site, make sure it’s mobile friendly: 26% of ecommerce sales in Canada came from mobile devices. Navigation should be simple, with menus that are clear and easy to follow. Make it easy for customers to search for products, add products to their cart and check out.

Click and collect

Another profound change in the retail landscape has been the rapid growth in click and collect: one recent study shows that more than half of larger retail chains in the U.S. now offer curbside pickup, for example.

To give customers the best possible click and collect experience, make sure your online inventory is updated in real time, so that customers placing a click and collect order don’t find that their item is out of stock by the time they get to the store. Make it easy for customers to add impulse purchases to their click and collect order: one easy way to do this is by including links to other items the customer viewed but didn’t place in their cart. And finally, always include clear instructions about where to pick up the order, and what steps to follow upon arriving at the store.


Want to make your delivery option stand out? Consider offering free delivery. Free delivery is the top reason why consumers shop online: in fact, a recent survey shows that 80% of online shoppers expect free shipping when purchasing a certain amount, and that 66% expect free shipping on every order they place.

Much of the focus in ecommerce delivery has been placed on the “last mile” – getting packages into customers’ hands. That’s certainly important, but remember that it’s much easier to do this when the essential steps in the “first mile” are performed correctly – this includes collecting customer information, labeling, packaging and tracking.

Merrco’s partners

Dutchie: Duchie’s online cannabis ordering platform makes it easy for customers to order for pickup, click and collect or delivery. It’s integrated with Merrco, and it gives consumers a safe way to buy from local cannabis retailers.

Buddi: Based in Vancouver, Buddi is an industry leader in cannabis menu solutions, ordering kiosks and click & collect services – and all of them are integrated with Merrco.

Super: Canada’s first legal multi-retailer ecommerce marketplace for cannabis products, Super integrates POS and payment services with Merrco so retailers can fill online orders while staying compliant.

TokeText: Based in the GTA, TokeText is the easiest way to order cannabis for pickup and delivery, and it’s integrated with Merrco. Users get a daily text message featuring a single cool product, which can then be purchased with a single click.

Merrco’s ecommerce gateway ensures that every online cannabis purchase is legal and compliant, and it integrates easily with leading ecommerce, seed-to-sale and click-and-collect platforms. It can also integrate with any in-house solution. Reach out to our sales team today to learn more about delivery solutions that are right for your cannabis business. Call us at 1-800-957-0534 or email us at

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