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How to Preform a Parameter Download on Your Terminal 

Parameter Download for PAX A920 

  1. Tap the welcome message 6 times (or hold on the welcome message for 6 seconds) 

  2. Enter the merchant password 

  3. Exit the application 

  4. Open the Payfacto application 

  5. Tap the + sign 

  6. Enter settings (password may be required) 

  7. Enter host settings 

  8. Complete the parameter download 

  9. Exit the application 

  10. Reopen the Payfacto gateway app

Parameter Download for PAX S920 

  1. Exit ECR mode by pressing the RED X button 

  2. Hit GREEN circle button and #1 at the same time 

  3. Press 6 for maintenance 

  4. Press 1 for parameter download 

  5. Once complete, press GREEN circle button and #5 to enter ECR mode

Parameter Download PAX S80 and PAX D210 

  1. Press the RED X button a 2-3 times 

  2. Enter merchant password 

  3. Press the up arrow 

  4. Press #6 for Maintenance 

  5. Press #1 for Parameter Download 

  6. Complete the download and exit menu 

  7. Press the YELLOW button to return to ECR waiting

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