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Want to grow a successful cannabis business? Here’s the tech stack to get you started.

Are you thinking about launching a cannabis business in Canada? Having the right technology is critical; it doesn’t just help you get started, it also helps your business grow by boosting productivity, keeping your business compliant and even making it possible to scale for future growth. Here are some of the tech stack components you’ll need to start a successful dispensary retail business.

Payment Processing: While the cannabis industry has traditionally depended on cash-only transactions, the 2018 legalization of recreational cannabis has made payment processing a key part of the industry in Canada. Now, in addition to in-store cash transactions, consumers can use their credit or debit cards for both in-store and online purchases, and cannabis dispensaries are embracing the trend towards cashless and contactless transactions.

POS Vendors: Point-of-sale is so much more than just receiving payment in exchange for goods; today’s POS software systems let dispensaries manage inventory across multiple locations and track online sales in real time, gather valuable information about sales trends that can power a more effective marketing strategy and integrate seamlessly with leading accounting and payroll services.

Click and Collect: As governments look for ways to reduce the spread of COVID-19, many Canadian jurisdictions have made it possible for cannabis retailers to offer click-and-collect (or curbside pickup) ordering. Click-and-collect ordering lets retailers fulfill online orders quickly and safely, and customers appreciate not having to wait at home for a delivery.

Menus: Digital menus are one of the best ways for dispensaries to communicate with customers. In addition to automatically updating information about product availability and pricing, digital menus can also offer essential information about different strains, including detailed lab results, high quality images and effective product descriptions. Digital menus can also help highlight your brand identity and attract interest, and the ability to search by product categories makes it easy for customers to find exactly what they’re looking for.

Kiosks: For a convenient customer experience that can be both interactive and personalized, kiosks are a great option. They often drive increased enrolment in loyalty programs, and they can help your business by reducing operations and staffing costs. Many kiosks also offer options that help you manage customer check-ins and lineups, a valuable tool for businesses that expect to grow. And because kiosks collect customer data, they can even help deliver more targeted customer engagement and reward program campaigns.

Once you have these essentials covered, your dispensary retail business will be off to a great start and set up for success. Our payments experts have experience working with the leading cannabis technology providers in this space. Contact us today and we can provide guidance on which solutions you should be considering. Call us at 1-800-957-0534 or email us at

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