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Opening a cannabis dispensary? Here’s how to choose the right POS vendor.

Setting up a cannabis dispensary is more than finding the right location and building your online storefront. You also need to make it easy for your customers to shop, and that’s where the right point-of-sale (POS) system comes into play. Here’s what you need to consider when choosing a POS software system for your cannabis dispensary:

Ease of use: When you’re trying out different POS systems, take the time to work through several complete user demos before you make your final choice. Pay particular attention to anything that seems tricky or confusing, because chances are, your staff will also struggle with those tasks.

Seed-to-sale tracking: Every cannabis dispensary must comply with government regulations, or they’ll risk being shut down. If seed-to-sale tracking is required in your province or state, make sure your POS system offers this feature.

Compliance, compliance, compliance: Failure to comply with state, provincial and federal regulations can put your license on the line, so your POS software system needs to keep up when regulations change. In addition to seed-to-sale tracking, your POS system should allow for ID scanning, age verification, purchase limit alerts and compliance with hours of operation regulations.

Reporting: Does your jurisdiction require monthly compliance reports? If so, your POS system should make it easy to gather and submit this information.

Integrations: The best POS software systems offer easy integration with leading accounting, payroll, marketing and click-and-collect services. Choose a POS system that works with the systems you’re already using. And if you’re still getting started, keep your POS requirements in mind as you select other service providers.

Marketing capabilities: A successful business is built on repeat customers. When a POS system makes it easy for staff to access customer information and purchase history, it’s also easier for them to give personalized service and product recommendations to every customer. This is an essential step in building a strong and loyal customer base.

Inventory management: Managing your inventory is an integral part of running your cannabis dispensary. Different POS software systems have different inventory management features, so be sure you choose one that works well for your business. Does your business have multiple locations? Look for a system that monitors stock levels across all your shops. Do you sell online? Real-time inventory updates will help customers have a great experience.

Help and support: Because no system is foolproof, make sure your POS software system offers customer support features to help you and your staff when there are problems. Look for a variety of contact options, including by phone; going online can be challenging if there are network issues or power outages.

Staff training: To help get your staff up and running quickly, look for a POS system that offers a complete suite of training materials. Ideally, this should include a top-level overview, a demonstration of how to use the software and a run-through of the different features. The software should also include a complete manual with instructions for troubleshooting.

Merrco has the knowledge and expertise that can help you select the right POS partner for your business. If you have any questions during the selection process, speak with one of our payments experts today and we can help.

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