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Build your business. Grow your revenue. Add value to your clients.

Merrco understands cannabis and CBD businesses, while offering the support you need.

Integration is easy. Start providing cannabis and CBD payments solutions today!


Give your customers the best integrated payment processing offering by implementing our semi-integrated solution within days. Our platform alleviates the burden of PCI compliance from you and your customers, while enabling cannabis and CBD payments via credit, debit and alternative methods as permitted in your clients’ region. 


We also provide support for credit adjudication, chargeback risk handling and other issues.

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Ready to board cannabis and CBD merchants?

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Why partner with us?

We know the cannabis and CBD industries.

Unlike many other payments providers, Merrco understands the cannabis and CBD sectors extensively, and our underwriting and support teams can offer industry-specific knowhow.

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Developer support and resources

Through our Open API and integration with major shopping cart solutions, Merrco can support your ecommerce payment flows. And we offer in-store, brick-and-mortar solutions as well.


We provide a competitive referral program.

Partner with us and share in an attractive revenue structure from the merchants you refer, generating recurring residual income.

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White label our solution.

The first of its kind in the payments industry and exclusive to our partner network, our PayHQ payments platform is a white-labelled digital solution.

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We offer support every step of the way.

Merrco’s dedicated partner relationship team is here to assist with pre-vetting deals, help you manage your client portfolio and provide support for any tech/ecommerce integrations inquiries you may have.

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We are safe and secure.

All of our payment offerings are available through Merrco’s cloud-based, PCI DSS-compliant solution that stores all transaction data in one place and offers businesses real-time reporting with valuable data and insights.

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Stay in the know with detailed reporting.

Our partners receive regular reporting packages on their customer referrals, as well as updates on accounts that go live.

One Platform: Many Ways to Accept Payments

Whether accepting payments in person or online, PayHQ offers a robust end-to-end payment acceptance solution that handles authorization, settlement and funding.

Payments made easy through our omnichannel platform.

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Merrco offers a proprietary payment portal to merchants that enables omnichannel payment processing across both U.S. and Canadian regions using a single connection and interface. With PayHQ, you and your clients can minimize payment credential management by keeping software out of scope for PCI DSS compliance.

Ready to get up and running quickly?

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