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For provinces with click and collect and delivery models in place, our team is ready to support you in implementing a click-and-collect or ecommerce solution. We have also enabled the option for our dispensary customers to accept customer orders and process transactions over the phone.

We highly recommend exploring integration with one of our click-and-collect software partners.


Click and Collect Integration Partners


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Super, Canada’s first legal multi-retailer e-commerce marketplace for adult use cannabis and online payment. We seamlessly integrate POS and payment to enable retailers to generate and fulfill online orders compliantly with turn key payment processing via Merrco. Click-and-collect, on-demand, and scheduled. Super scales into delivery, first and third party including mail.


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Merrco Payments is integrated with Dutchie. Dutchie is an online cannabis ordering platform that provides consumers an easy and safe way to purchase cannabis products from local cannabis retailers for pickup, curbside or delivery. Dutchie partners with the top dispensaries and offers them helpful tools to sell online.



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Buddi, based in Vancouver, BC, is a Canadian leader in cannabis menu and click & collect services. Buddi’s suite of cannabis retailer technologies include in-store interactive tablet menus, ordering kiosks, education systems, delivery, and online menu and click & collect services that are integrated with Merrco payments.

What Our Customers Say

the hunny pot

“To throw a shout out to Merrco – We couldn’t imagine having to move to Click and Collect curbside pickup and delivery with any other payment processor. Imagine calling your 1-800 number at 4:59PM on a Thursday, getting one of their team members, and saying to them, “Hey, I need to take online payments really quickly,” and to get that done by Friday. That just wouldn’t happen anywhere else.

Merrco, whether they’re dealing with the retailers or whether they’re dealing with the partners, they went above and beyond to get online payment available for us – They are there all times of the day. Answering their personal phones at home, making sure that we’re going to able to operate the next day.

Cameron Brown – Communications Officer, The Hunny Pot

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Contact Us at 1-800-957-0534

As always, when the customer arrives to pickup the order, follow the standard guidelines for verifying the customer as stated by provincial regulations.

Merrco is proud to continue supporting licensed cannabis retailers in Canada with all their payment processing needs.

To get started, please reach out to our support team by emailing or calling 1-800-957-0534.

If you are a new customer looking to set up your Merrco payment solution, please email or call 1-800-957-0534.

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