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Our traditional terminals are fast, easy and secure methods to take payments from your customers. Whether someone wants to pay for their cannabis purchase by major credit or debit card or a digital wallet like Apple Pay, you can cater to them with the solution that they find most convenient, backed by the ease of use of chip and PIN, and tap and pay methods.

A Merrco payment solution also enables you to establish a gift and loyalty program, processing gift-card transactions by terminal or web. With omnichannel integration, our gift card provider easily integrates to various communication channels, including POS, mobile ordering terminals, email, and transactional e-commerce websites.

Customer Stories


Kevin Trethowan, The Niagara Herbalist


Sheilagh Dohie, Garden Variety

Case Studies

The Hunny Pot and Merrco Make History Together

Located at Queen Street and University, in Toronto, the Hunny Pot Cannabis Co. is an approved licensed retailer for the Ontario government, allowed to sell dried flower, pre-rolls, capsules, and oils, as well as cannabis accessories.

One of the biggest challenges that we had to face was being one of the first stores to open in Toronto, and Ontario, and leading the way, we had to make sure that every decision we made was the right one, not only for ourselves but for the entire industry.

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