The Hunny Pot

The Hunny Pot and Merrco Make History Together


Located at Queen Street and University, in Toronto, the Hunny Pot Cannabis Co. is an approved licensed retailer for the Ontario government, allowed to sell dried flower, pre-rolls, capsules, and oils, as well as cannabis accessories.

One of the biggest challenges that we had to face was being one of the first stores to open in Toronto, and Ontario, and leading the way, we had to make sure that every decision we made was the right one, not only for ourselves but for the entire industry.

We came into what is a very new industry for Canada. We came into it expecting a significant amount of cash purchases, not just because of the way that this business has always operated in North America, but also just from a privacy perspective and because of the stigma that follows this industry. We figured a lot of people would be worried about what name would show up on their credit cards, getting onto planes, and so on.

What we've seen as a huge trend, and transition from April 1, is that the cash number is slowly coming down further and further as a percentage of our sales and debit and credit re going up. Working with Merrco from the beginning, we came to see that the ease of using credit and debit were going to be major factors in our store. From an efficiency standpoint, from a processing standpoint, and for the customer service aspect as well, we needed a system that was going to work for us to get the customer and their package ready to go, and get them out the door.

When The Hunny Pot decided to go with Merrco, we had a lot of questions that had to be answered. You know, who was going to be a long-term strategic partner for us? And who was going to be supportive of us in the cannabis industry?

And Merrco came to the top. The customer service was there from the beginning: Getting back to us, answering questions, helping us navigate through such a new industry in a short amount of time. We knew that this was going to be a company that we wanted to work with long-term.

Getting up and running day one was such an adventure. Being one of the first stores opened in Ontario, on April 1, all attention was on us. We were trying to ensure that every detail was just perfect. But with all the restrictions and compliance issues, we couldn't start the payment terminals until the store was legally allowed to open, which was 9:00 AM that day. And we really wanted to be the first store to make the first sale in Ontario.

We had Merrco staff on site ready to go, ready to activate those machines the second they were able to do so, so we could process that first transaction. We had a lot of media and a lot of customers. People lined up for over 24 hours out front of the store. And the Merrco team was on site all week leading up, to make sure that everything was in place and connected to our point-of-sale (POS) system, as well as making sure that morning everything ran smoothly. They also stuck around afterwards to make sure that there were no issues with the terminals after.

Merrco as a partner has been fantastic. Together we've been able to achieve amazing, historic things.

— Cameron Brown. Communications Officer for The Hunny Pot Cannabis Co