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02 October 2019

                            We believe that small businesses are the heart of communities across Canada. Local business owners inspire, support and ….

Historic Vote Shows Progress Towards U.S. Cannabis Businesses Accessing Banking Services

26 September 2019

  The U.S. House of Representatives made history yesterday, voting 321 to 103 to pass the SAFE Banking Act. The legislation would provide cannabis businesses, which are legal in over 34 states ….

How to Get the Financing You Need to Stay Competitive

20 September 2019

Operating in a highly regulated business, not only are you faced with the challenges of staying compliant with government regulations, you must constantly hone your competitive edge. Whether you are a cannabis ….

How to Protect Your Business from Chargebacks

13 August 2019

  There isn’t a merchant who enjoys dealing with chargebacks. Unfortunately, most retailers find themselves in the position of dealing with a chargeback at some point. While chargebacks can be annoying and ….

6 Things New Cannabis Merchants Need to Know

25 July 2019

    The legal cannabis market appears to be set to grow even more quickly. The supply shortage plaguing the industry seems to be easing, emboldening Ontario, after its slow start, to ….

Creating a Superior Customer In-Store Experience

11 July 2019

So far, Canada’s cannabis retail marketing – in stores and online – has been more about what can’t be done. Strict Cannabis Act regulations about product packaging and labels; prohibitions about advertising ….

50 New Cannabis Retail Stores to Open in Ontario

04 July 2019

  The Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario (AGCO) announced on July 3 that it will provide authorizations for 50 new cannabis retail stores in the province, more than doubling the current ….

7 Payment Practices That Could Slow the Growth of Your Cannabis Business

21 May 2019

The payment landscape is shifting so quickly that it sometimes seems impossible to keep up to speed. But if you cling to tried-and-true methods of accepting payments, you may see your customers walking down the literal or digital street to a competitor. So be aware of sticking to these seven traditional payment practices: