What to look for in a trusted CBD payment processor

06 October 2021

CBD is an increasingly popular product. It’s not only legal, but can also be medically beneficial for many people with chronic pain or other medical conditions. But before you get started with ….

Want to accept online payments? There’s no reason you can’t.

29 September 2021

No website? No access to web developers? Have a website that doesn’t integrate with a payment gateway? No problem! Payments have come a long way in recent years, so even if you ….

Tips for Marketing CBD Products with Social Media

27 August 2021

The passage of the 2018 US Farm Bill legalized industrial hemp, and both medical and recreational cannabis have been widely legalized at the state level. In 2020, sales of CBD products in ….

What to look for in a CBD payments processor

18 August 2021

When you’re starting your CBD business, one of the critical steps you’ll need to take is finding the best CBD payment processor. CBD is an emerging market, so you’ll likely have a ….

You Can’t Do It Alone: Top Tips to Help You Build a Strong Team

28 July 2021

Managing employees isn’t always easy, especially when you’re just getting started. What’s the best way to gain skills and improve? Just like anything else, managing employees takes practice. Here are some tips, ….

How to give every dispensary customer an exceptional experience

21 July 2021

Now that stores are opening up, many customers are eager to experience in-store shopping again. How can weed dispensary owners deliver consistently exceptional customer experiences? Here are three areas to focus on: ….

Don’t miss out on sales: Make sure you’re enabled for delivery!

06 July 2021

Want to offer seamless, hassle-free cannabis delivery to your customers? Merrco has the best of the best partners in the industry to ensure you don’t miss a beat with this service, and ….

Interchange: What is it, and how does it work?

05 July 2021

Have you ever wondered what interchange is, and why you’re charged fees for it? Here’s what you need to know. What is interchange? When a customer makes a purchase using a credit ….